Assessing Your Fraud Risk and Providing Litigation Support


With numerous credentials, certifications and licenses, as well as decades of relevant experience and training, Shwiff, Levy & Polo team members have extensive expertise in the areas of fraud examination, litigation support and expert witness testimony.
Fraud Examination
Shwiff, Levy & Polo provides fraud-examination services for law firms, businesses and individuals in need of an independent investigator to identify the warning signs and red flags that indicate evidence of fraud and fraud risk.

Elizabeth Shwiff holds a license as a certified fraud examiner (CFE), based on proven expertise in fraud prevention, detection and deterrence. As a CFE, she performs a variety of services in many different industries throughout all sectors of an organization. She is part accountant, part investigator, part attorney and part criminologist.

An invaluable resource for clients concerned about fraud and fraud risk, Elizabeth and SLP offer

  • fraud risk assessment
  • financial statement fraud investigation
  • criminal tax investigation
  • proactive fraud audits

Elizabeth has earned a reputation as a tireless, ethical investigator whose work combines a deep knowledge of complex financial transactions with an understanding of methods, law and how to resolve allegations of fraud. She has an unparalleled comprehension of how fraud is committed and how it can be identified.

SLP’s fraud examination process usually includes the following steps:

  • We examine books and records to detect and trace fraudulent transactions.
  • We interview suspects to obtain information and admissions.
  • We write investigation reports, explain our findings and testify at trial.

Litigation Support and Expert Witness Services
In addition to conducting fraud examinations and forensic-accounting investigations, Shwiff, Levy & Polo provides support to attorneys during the litigation process in the following areas:

  • business valuations
  • damage calculations
  • forensic accounting
  • accounting principles
  • accounting and statistical analyses
  • tax issues
  • accountant and auditor professional performance

SLP offers a full roster of litigation-support services for legal teams, culminating in providing expert-witness testimony. As the managing partner of SLP, Elizabeth Shwiff is a sought-after expert witness, having developed an unparalleled depth of expertise, breadth of knowledge and unimpeachable credibility in courtrooms around the world.